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  annbiggs   wildlife artist and illustrator  
Original work currently on sale at the Studio

In addition to work shown on the home page, the pictures shown below are also currently on sale at Ann's studio.

We try to keep this page up to date, but we apologise in advance if a work you are interested in has already been sold even though it is still shown here.


  Little Owls 2   "Little Owls 2"

 Original £95,
Framed Size 30 by 22 cm
  Fox Study   "Fox Study"

 Original £240,
Framed Size 42 by 52 cm
  Goldfinch and Sunflowers   "Goldfinch and Sunflowers"

 Original £225,
Framed Size 30 by 23 cm
  3 Tigers   "3 Tigers"

 Original £75,
Framed Size 30 by 23 cm
  Peregrine and Chick   "Peregrine and Chick"
 Pen and ink

 Original £85,
Framed Size 30 by 23 cm
  Giraffe Sunset   "Giraffe Sunset"

 Original £70,
Framed Size 30 by 40 cm
  Haddenham sunflowers   "Haddenham sunflowers"
 Pen & Watercolour

 Original £65,
A4 Mounted
  Gorilla and young   "Gorilla and young"
 Pen & Watercolour

 Original £75,
Framed 30 by 23 cm
  Fighting cocks   "Fighting cocks"

 Original £175
  approx size 530 * 390 mm framed
  Wigeon grazing   "Wigeon grazing"
  Medium Pencil

 Original £40
  Size 30cm by 23cm Unframed
    "Running Rhino"

 framed original £210
 approx size 610 * 430 mm framed


last updated 11-Sep-2017