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  Atlantic Puffin   "Atlantic Puffin"
Medium water colour
36 by 40cm
  Grandchildren   "Grandchildren"
Medium water colour
23 by 30cm
  Sunny Hunny   "Sunny Hunny"
Medium water colour
23 by 30cm
  Hobby   "Hobby"
Medium water colour
23 by 30cm
  Small Tortoiseshell   "Small Tortoiseshell"
Medium watercolour
25 x 52cm
  Winter Foliage   "Winter Foliage"
  Red Squirrel   "Red Squirrel"
  Cooling Castle   "Cooling Castle"
  Fallow deer   "Fallow deer"
  Two badgers   "Two badgers"
  Honeymoon hotel   "Honeymoon hotel"
  Rabbits   "Rabbits"
  Badgers wood   "Badgers wood"
  Old Pals   "Old Pals"
  Desert Hawks   "Desert Hawks"
  Fox Study   "Fox Study"
  Little Owl   "Little Owl"
  Hunting pair   "Hunting pair"
  Bearded reedlings   "Bearded reedlings"
A4 prints available


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