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  annbiggs   wildlife artist and illustrator  
  Commercial and Publishing Gallery

Enquiries about commercial and publishing work should be made to Ann's agent,
Graham-Cameron Illustration (please see the Links page).


Additional material for the GMC Wood Turning Book - Hazel (top) and Osier (below) - Winter 2014 - copyright GMC Publications
Giraffe family logo draft - Winter 2014
Devils Coach Horse
Green Lacewing
Yellow Brimstone
7 spot ladybird
Four sample insect illustrations for a Museum publication - Winter 2011
Display board for a village conservation site - 2011
Four examples from a set of animal cruelty illustrations for the RSPCA 2010. Clockwise from top left:
badger baiting, lonely guinea-pig, owl with insufficient room, feeding a dog too much chocolate.
Lifecycle of the Large Blue Butterfly - RSPCA 2009.
Two illustrations of early life at Denny Abbey for display boards.
For the Farmland Museum and Denny Abbey, Cambridge - 2009.
Artwork for a display board at a Cambridgeshire Conservation Site.
For Haddenham Parish Council - 2008.
  3 of 36 illustrations for the pets section of a new family encyclopedia - for Flame Tree Publishing Spring 2008.

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